We had a blast at The Lone Star Film Festival this past week connecting with old friends and fellow filmmakers and meeting new ones. The local to Fort Worth festival is one of our favorites to attend. Previously in 2017, Josh's short film, 1917, was showcased at the festival. We've been attending each year since then.

This year the Fort Worth Film Commission asked us to come out and share on a panel about shooting on celluloid film. Our goal was to provide insight into the process and how it differed from digital workflows, explain the advantages and disadvantages of shooting on film, and ultimately, try to make it more accessible. The resources about how to shoot on film are dwindling - it's a bit of a mystery in this day and age.

Our first film shoot was in 2017, and it was all trial and error. By sharing the things that we've learned through mistakes we've made, we hope to make shooting on film more accessible and appealing.

Here's to shooting more celluloid film! Film on, friends.