The New Normal

We have heard it repeatedly, “This is the new normal.” Covid has changed the film and video production world whether we like it or not. Sitting through numerous zoom meetings, listening to multiple podcasts on the subject of adapting to the new guidelines, and being on set, we’ve learned there are multiple approaches to this new way of production.

There’s remote directing, zoom in client feeds, and numerous ways to keep cast and crew at the recommended safe distance and numbers. Like most production companies, we follow the guidelines that keep us safe, but the unfortunate reality is that they can hinder the production’s goal.

It Takes Time to Turn the Titanic

A client of ours once said, “It takes time to turn the Titanic,” in response to a question on set. He was part of a large company and really couldn’t answer the question until he went through the proper channels. Often the same goes for production during the pandemic. It can be difficult to make changes on set due to the safety precautions and when a change is made, the time it takes to implement those adjustments can cost more time than it’s worth. Which is why we have asked ourselves the question, “How can we turn the ship quicker?” The answer we’ve found is to stay small and nimble.

Keeping cast and crew to a minimum has been a practice Prelude has been developing since the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, we love working with large crews on big sets, but to be honest, that doesn’t always serve the client in the best way.

A Few Examples

For example, we produced some pieces for Medieval Times for part of their reopening campaign as restrictions were beginning to lift for businesses. We pitched them an idea that could be produced with just a two-person crew and one talent. The smaller crew size allowed us to shoot efficiently. Editing, color, and sound design were done in-house to keep costs down.

Medieval Times Reopening Vignettes

Being experienced in multiple fields of production is crucial to be able to accomplish this. We focus on having crew members that are swiss-army knives, at any moment we can switch roles and know what to do. Here are a few pieces that we produced in 2019 with just a two-person crew.

Allen Fire Department - Full Length
Buck Knives - Montana

There is always a time and place for bigger productions. Collaborating with a team of creatives on larger pieces is incredibly fulfilling, but the COVID safety precautions and smaller budgets are making the industry adapt. We know these times are different, so why not approach a shoot differently? Whether you need a studio shoot with a large cast and crew or an on-location interview with a two-person crew on a budget. We got your back.

Please reach out if there is anything we can do for you or a project we can collaborate on! We'd love to grab a coffee or a drink with you soon to catch up.